11 September 2008

8 Ways to Reduce Food Cost

(There are many cheap, affordable but quality food stuff available on the market these days. Image source: http://www.blinman.com)

One good way to reduce food cost is by making sure that we only buy what we really need.

One good way to do this is to have a grocery list and making sure that we browse through the many brand and produce source to get the best but the cheapest item (one good source is buying Tesco brand items and purchase direct from the wet markets)

Another way of reducing food cost is by growing our vegetables - among the vegetables that are easy to grow in Malaysia weather is chilly and onion and sometimes tomatoes (all depending on the available space to grow them - when I had a larger space available some time ago, I had corn & green peas as well)

Tips from the SimpleDollar.com:-

I utilize the grocery list. I started compiling a grocery list faithfully every week before going to the store and when I’m in the store, I adamantly oppose buying things not on the list.

I have a garden. A small vegetable garden is incredibly valuable in terms of reducing your food bill. We primarily focus on staples that we’ll eat, like tomatoes and onions.

I buy foods in bulk. Many of my food purchases are bulk purchases because the cost per unit is much cheaper. Multi-packs of items we use frequently are wonderful - they’re much cheaper per unit and the remainder can go into storage until we need it.

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Iris said...

The grocery list usually doesnt work for me as i can hardly stick to them. I always tend to buy more than the list. Ok, i guess i'm not firm enough. hehe

andiny oktariana said...

kita juga punya nih artikel mengenai 'Gaya Hidup', silahkan

dikunjungi dan dibaca , berikut linknya
semoga bermanfaat